A guy, a guitar, and a head full of songs.  Where do the ideas come from? Life, stories, epiphanies; sometimes sweat and hard work.  Join my journey to discover myself as a singer songwriter.  I intend to post regularly about the process, the progress, and about the successes.  I invite you to follow, participate, and allow me the honor of getting to know you as a listener of music and liver of life.

Lyrical Musings

The River 

We were born on the River nearby the Sacred Tree
When Life was new and the air was sweet to breath
As children playing we walked home hand in hand
Perfect friendship in a perfect land

We grew up and went away the River sullied, green
The Tree was overgrown by memories
I took your gentle hand in mine on a sunny summer day
I felt I was made for this

Sunlight and carbon gas
Insecticide in harmless grass
All the things we never thought could kill
Time makes us drift apart
Work makes us forget the Heart
Years go by
I got a…

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Please Stay 

I can smell your perfume in the room
By the bed
Where I swear I see your silhouette
The sunlight dares to touch it
And melts it clear away
Please stay
'Cuz I can't stand me 
When you're gone

I can feel your eyes upon me when I go
Like a hand
Brushing back a stray blond hair
The blinking of the green light
Drops me hard into the day
I want to stay
'Cuz I can't stand me 
When I've gone away

Please stay
There's a thousand reasons why
I need to go
I know
But this cold city is killing us
Leaving us no night or day to be
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Pleasant Valley War 

Sunshine on the interstate, desert highway's getting baked today
God bless the baking road crew as I wipe the sweat and drink another beer
The needle starts to point to red, one more mile the car is dead and done
On our feet we argue, what's it for? Another Pleasant Valley War

Ten full years of counting coups now counting licence plates along the way
Tender words politely spoken never thinking something's broken here
Sunlight's an interrogator truth comes out that we just might be done
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Dust on our jackets dirt in our shoes
holes in your duster, Wyatt nothing to lose.
Don't tempt me, Virgil, don't even try,
take that tin star and chuck it into that painted sky

Don't rush me into making blood mingle with the ground
I'm here to make a living if I can
Don't rush me into taking on another man's fight
I came here to Tombstone awaiting a friend

Faro for suckers Poker for fools
A wink and a smile will do it doctors can't lose
Look at this body drenched in this booze
I'll bet my six gun Wyatt I've nothing to…

The First House at Sunrise 

   I swear by god
the first house I find
when the son rises in the east
will sleep at last
a long reckoning
spoken by tongues of flame

brother do not weep
sister do not mourn
tho the bairn lies dead and cold
in the dawning son
he shall rise again
for the skies to look upon

children weep not
do not hide
the covers on your head
as 1-2-3 and justice done
o children do not weep
the angel shall your vigil keep

I swear by god
the first house I find
when the sun rises in the east
will sleep at last
a long reckoning
spoken by tongues of…

Faraway Road 

Somewhere between Rocky Mountain House and HWY 627 I passed a place called Faraway Road.  It simply marked access to a pump jack, but it was an interesting name. I imagined a man whose job it was to service the equipment at the end of that Faraway Road. A thousand years ago, it may well have been his job to protect that road from travellers and robbers.

What a mysterious name. Faraway Road
by Todd Wandio

I serve the Faraway Road
Where the drifts are so deep
In the softening snow

I serve the Faraway Road
Through the…

Love Grows 

by Todd Wandio c 22/02/14

Your far away smile
Catches me by surprise every time
And the football shirt
You holding my hand so very tight
To see beyond our jealousies
To bridge a yawning gap of love and sin
Plant that faraway smile
With those bedroom eyes you say goodbye

But Love Grows
In the darkest, lowest places
Love begins
Love grows
In spite of all the sadness
Love begins
Love grows

You're beautiful in different ways
And some I haven't even come to know
Like the morning from a fire fight
You saying we can make…

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